Melbourne Mapspace



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We know that Melbourne is the most amazing place to live (despite what everyone else thinks). But how can we use government data to prove this amazingness to our visitors?

What if, rather than consulting the tourist maps, visitors could learn about Melbourne through a fun quiz game to gain points as they explore features of interest around our city?

Melbourne is a interactive city, so we don't want to just show visitors the historic attractions - we want to share the recent news about what's been going on near them so that they know where all the interesting stuff is.


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Level One

futureNow is a web application that predicts the volume of people using different modes of transport for specific locations (i.e: train stations). Predictions on train patronage and traffic volume are based on weather indicators and time variables (day of the week, month etc.)

Helping Hand

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Teamy McTeamface

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are proving to be great ways to utilize the economy of scale to affect change – be that local, state or federal government, charity organisations or the lives of individuals. Everybody can make a change for good, but some don’t know how. This is where Helping Hand comes in; utilising the idea of crowdsourcing, data analytics and big data visualisation to understand what charities, causes and community challenges need assistance and where volunteering resources can be best spent.