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Meet Charlie, an executive for a multinational company with two kids and a dog. He loves fine dining but enjoys horseback riding with his kids on weekends. He was recently relocated to Melbourne on a new assignment from Brisbane. Becuase he was needed at his new job on short notice, he left his family behind in Brisbane and has been looking for a place to live. For now, he's living in a hotel room provided by his company - but has two weeks to find a new place to live. He misses his family terribly, and is eager to settle down to his new life in Melbourne with his entire family. 


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Project Description

Data analysis and data journalism project, focussed on the causal factors of Family Violence within Victoria.

These informed data findings, discussed in a high level overview, data journalism format, will allow stake holders to gain an in depth understanding of key factors that drive the reduction of family violence incidents.

This data analytics and predictive modeling research will be utilized to visually depict relevant factors, trends and recommendations in family violence issues.  

Changing gears

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Changing gears

Negative gearing is a controversial issue.

The government has stated the economic benefits from negative gearing are necessary for economic growth. The opposition have argued that negative gearing only benefits the wealthy. The Greens, on the other hand, have stated that negative gearing should be scrapped altogether to improve housing affordability and Australia's budget position. 

The problem

Negative gearing has sadly become a convoluted abstraction for the average Australian. The discussion is distorted by electoral ephemera and entrenched political biases. 

Three questions remain. What does negative gearing in Australia look like? Will Australia's demographic influence the rate of negative gearing? Where do I sit in the picture?

The solution

Changing Gears are taking newly released ATO data and presenting the information in a way that answers burning questions and debunk myths for the average person.

Our solution also aims to help the individual understand where they sit in the big picture.

3D Printed tactile map of Melbourne CBD tram stops for visually-impaired commuters.

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Petrified Data

A tactile map for blind and visually impaired travellers. This map shows the Melbourne CBD, with tram stops overlaid from PTV's data. Tram stops are spikes that protrude above the level of the surrounding buildings to make them easier to feel. The map has a notch on the north-east corner to help orient it correctly.

3D Printed geophysical data

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Petrified Data

Gone are the days when you could go for a walk and stumble across an ore body. Today, most ore bodies are hidden deep underground relying on geophysical data to discoverer.  This requires the use of abstract datasets (e.g., gravity, remanent magnetism, seismic response) that are layered in programs like ArcGIS. However this is still a 2D representation of the data.  Some data is better represented in 3D; in fact many datasets simulate this using artificial sun shading.  This can create shadows that can mask potential data.