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Our project aims to transform the way people prepare, respond and recover from disasters.  Using our app, you and your family can turn disaster preparation into a fun family activity by preparing your emergency kit, practicing evacuations using customised routes from your location, and setting reminders to update emergency kits regularly.  During a disaster, the app allows you to advise emergency servies that you have activiated your emergency plan and rgister with evacuation shelters.  Once the emergency has passed, you can connect with services and the community to recover in the best po

Check Your Uglies

Check Your Uglies.  Cancer Screening Saves Lives!
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Check your Uglies

Check Your Uglies

It's July 31, 2016.  So far this year, 250 women have died from Cervical Cancer and 1500 Men have died from Prostate Cancer.  More than 21000 new cases will be diagnosed by the end of the year.


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Bush Hackers

Threat.end is a gamified flora and fauna education and citizen science mobile first web app. 

Threat.end app sources data from, the National threatened animals and ecological species datasets, the Queensland Wildlife database/API, and the Atlas of Living Australia.