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The project aims to raise the awareness on knowing different species of dog and under what circumstances they are more likely to attack. It evaluates the risk of getting attacked by a specific dog given personal information and provides suggestion on preventing future incidences.


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Endangered wildlife is a huge problem for New Zealand. Our native animals and beautiful landscape is what makes this country so special. So special infact that our tourism industry contributes a whopping $24 billion dollars to our economy every year.

Information about our endangered species and how people can help is hard to find. We at Sandpit Ninjas are going to raise awareness with a fun interactive game. You can protect our wildlife at work, school or from the comfort of your own home.

Hatch an egg and get started today.


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We’ve developed a website that displays NZ’s crime data from 2010 to 2014 to help give us a safer NZ. We have a map of NZ with areas with most crime occurrences in bright red, least in bright green and the rest around the middle. We also have a timeline that allows the user to change the year. This website aims to let the users see the areas in NZ that getting safer or more dangerous, and uses additional data to give reasons as to why an area is getting safer.