hand holding mobile phone, showing path with street lights.  Background is a street at night time
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SmartPath - take a walk on the smart side with SmartPath, the smarter way to get from A to B

Project Description:​​​​​​​

To create an app for the people of Geelong that encourages them to walk more often by specifically finding walking paths that eliminate factors that are barriers to making the decision to walk.

Data story


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The coolest way to travel by improving connectivity between green areas to allow people to travel along shadier streets on hot days.

5-D City Explorer

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Project: 5D city Explorer.

Project Description: Creative geolocated data visualisation / exploration of data (such as land use, energy and water consuption) interpreted as imaginary city. [parallel Geelong] 

The first 3 dimensions are : XYZ coordinates 

The 4th dimension is time. Our game interface allows user (city explorer) to to the past as well as to look into the [projected] future.

The 5th dimension is the layer of information (data)


Data used:

1) Energy Usage data [Geelong]

2) Water Consuption data [Geelong]


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Claws and Effect

Pet-tential utilises local City of Greater Geelong council data to allow you to find out more information about the dogs of Geelong!

Compare your suburb to your best doggie friend's suburb or all of Geelong!

Find out where you can find other doggies who share the same name or breed as your dog!

Find out how many dog walking areas are in your suburb!


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Settlers of Cremorne

This is the Settlers of Cremorne presentation of their entry for GovHack 2016.  Our hack is called NewsPulse and our entry is from GovHack Geelong.

The Settlers of Cremorne is made up of 6 team members: