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Alpha Hawk Magnum

Hack A Nation: Govhack becomes the data


Our hack is a meta-hack of sorts, we have spend the weekend writing a web crawler to crawl the hackerspace and prize descriptions website, in order to gather data about the sorts of prize categories that teams are targeting.

Target Audience

The Grid

The Grid logo (boring grid graphic and bad typography)
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Isometric representations of industry data on grids that represent the actual shape files - states and SA3 zones.

Exploring indigenous over-representation in youth detention

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Justice league

This project analysed AIHW Youth Detention data and combined ABS Estiimated Resident Population projections to derive rate per 10,000 figures for indigenous and non-indigenous youth in detention. The data shows a stark difference in the rates with a decreasing rate of non-indigenous children in detention and  increasing indigenous rates (over the period 2008-2015), particularly in the Northern and Western parts of Australia.

On The Move

On the Move
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A Pizza Data

​​​​​​​Our main dataset was the Settlement Data Extracted by Department of social services in July 2016. The SDB is a repository of information on permanent, and some temporary, migrants who have arrived in Australia since 1 January 1991. The dataset contains variables on current state, Local Government Area, Main Language, English Proficiency, Country of Birth, Gender and Migration Stream. The information of these variables are visualised in “On The Move”.