Grave Diggers

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The Wilderpeople

The Wilderpeople are really excited to share with New Zealand a new application game we’ve developed. We’ve called it Gravediggers. You see, we’ve been internalising a really complicated situation in our heads because making the right choices can be really hard in the face of so much information. Turning this into a game is our complicated situation solution- Gravediggers is our portal for you to understand how health risks affect you.

Vida Loca

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Vida Loca

Connecting people to places by challenging misconceptions.

With VidaLoca we’ve built a tool that enables you to find a place to live that matches to your values while also taking into account affordability, letting you live la vida loca (the crazy life).

Our hope is that this tool connects you to places that closely match what you value in a community, place, or life style that you might not otherwise have considered.

How do I do it?

1) Weigh a broad range of desirability data such as:

  o   education outcomes,

  o   access transport facilities

Check Your Privilege

Team Name: 
ASB StartMeUp



Inequality in New Zealand is growing but awareness is not.

Blindness to privilege creates ignorance. But awareness creates change. 

Our website allows you to #checkyourprivilege and educates you on what you can do to make a difference.



Care About

Care About
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Do you know what decisions politicians in local and central government are making that will impact you? How do you contribute to this decision making process?