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Fivemind is a land management and bushfire mitigation tool. Using Satellite imagery, the tool automatically detect changes in vegetation and human built structures within specific terrestrial areas. These change observations are combined with terrain and climate data to produce a spatial risk assessment. Land Managers and Fire Authorities can then capture and evaluate higher resolution imagery of areas of concern by deploying UAVs or Drones over flight paths generated by the tool.

The Driving Angel

The Driving Doctor
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Travel Fairy

Idea: Guiding drivers through dangerous situations via audio

Based on data collected from sensors in the car and open data available externally a current situation of the environment and the mental state of the driver is analysed and depending the analysis result audio feedback is provided to the driver. Audio may include music, noise, or voices. The audio will indicate if the driver is approaching a dangerous situation, influence the mood/state of the driver, e.g., calming down, prevent from falling asleep, pointing out an upcoming dangerous situation.

The Steamer Porthole

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The Steamer Porthole -
As history researchers we have found information about the steamer captains and their
boats difficult to find. As this is an important part of South Australian pioneer history
we wanted to make a portal which helps solve this problem.

From the portal:
Travel the River Murray virtually, from your home, or go out and explore the places
and routes our river pioneers travelled.


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Pathfinder, or Pathfindr as the kids spell it, is an alternative way to find the right course for you at TAFE SA.

Pathfinder replaces search with seek. At TCS we believe in choice, and with Pathfinder we add the ability to browsefor the course that matches you.

By answering a series of questions we narrow down the list of courses provided by TAFE SA from over a thousand, to a manageable number to browse.


Child Tracker

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Kid Tracker 


The Problem

•       Parents get paranoid when their children do not reach home on time, find out their children are not where they should be…Imagine the stress especially where both parents are working and they discover that their kid is missing or hasn’t reached school or home in time. Also common are the cases of kids getting lost in public places even when parents are around.


The Solution