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Boomtown Hacks
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Boomtown Hacks

Team Boomtown Hacks is a ad-hoc team made up of some friends from around Adelaide. The team constsis of 4 people:

Jordan King - Developer and a smooth video voice.

Sam Trezise - Graphic Designer, held the ship together.

Haydn Dyer - The UI guy, the only one who has used Angular before...

James Mackay - The data guru, actually spend hours working out the parking data!!

The Application


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The Walking Hackers

In Adelaide, the government is providing free WiFi for everyone, especially in the CBD area. The Adelaide city council claims that it is the largest and most performing City WiFi network in Australia and is on par with the best in the world in terms of coverage and services offering. Although, the government claims that it is the best public wifi network, we intend to analyze the speed, the number of users and the usage patterns in order to make it even better. Through our project we will try to find the usage patterns and provide suggestions on optimization of the access point locations.

First Names

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What this project is about

This project was developed on the land of the Kaurna People during the Unleashed 2016 Govhack event at the University of South Australia western campus.


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Team Name:  NewBees

Project Name:  Cross Roads


An untarnished image, presented by statistical data, proves that SA drivers toe the line when it comes to traffic discipline. Even though the number of vehicle especially cars, Utes, vans, buses, etc. registered has gone up by almost 22% as of today from the year 2010. However with increasing number of vehicles, younger riders, powerful and faster vehicles - incidents of road crashes are bound to rise.  The number of licences issued to new drivers this year has already surpassed

The Problem: