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The Pulse of the City is an interactive pusle map of social media trends to visualise a city’s heartbeat in real time.

The value proposition of our web application is that it can drive a city to thrive by highlighting the trends and events of the city.

Features include:
Real time trend list on the right pane - aggregating and generalising hashtag, geolocations, and analysed images.

List of the cities current events on the left hand side.

Images can be analysed for smiles to give sentiment rating to the events.


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What goes through your mind when you see a spray can?

Ok, what about a young person wearing hoodie with spray can in hand? 

Chances are the image might cause a gulp or two, a familiar twinge in the stomach and probably the thought that the person is "up to no good."

What if we told you, that perhaps, before you call the police and ready the cleaning crew, that you just might benefit from what that young person is about to put up? What if we told you, that the potential art piece about to be produced just maybe lead to a few more dollars in your wallet? Everybody loves a few more dollars ;-) 

You see, graffiti vandalism is currently costing you, the taxpayer, $200 million annually and that's just the modest estimation. Some sources place the figure at $1.5 billion. In this economy, that is a number we can ill afford. So what do we do about it? 

Introducing Splash! That's us :) Our web based platform brings together local and international artists, their local governments, private sector and the interested public together to interact. Artists take pictures and upload their latest work giving us a peak into the inspirations behind the piece. This will develop over time to become a digital library of art pieces and artists. The artists also apply for available "free walls". These are the spaces that local governments and private businesses advertise on our platform as available to paint on. These spaces can be free or charged and this will give local governments control over spaces and are able to work with the artists directly. Government will also be able to use the data on the platform in ubran planning and city development. Vibrant cities created with just a bit of innovation and a splash of colour - we are bringing both to the table. 

Well, what's in it for business? and how are we saving you money exactly? Good questions... You see, graffiti is fast becoming a toursit attraction. Graffiti artists fly all over the world to put their names on walls and murals and hordes of fans and enthusiasts (tourists) follow. We have linked the free walls to popular free wi-fi spots in Adelaide city and traffic intersection data to ensure that the artisits that use our platform receive maximum exposure for their work. We figure out what the most popular spots in the city are, turn them into added value by encouraging government to add free walls there, toursits flock to see the new work and all of a sudden, businesses have a new niche market to capture. 

What do all these things put together give you, the taxpayer? Well, using the Splash platform, local governments will have more control over the spaces that can be used for graffiti. Artists in turn have access to these walls and this lowers the occurrence of illegal graffiti and vandalism. Tourists will be attracted to a city that incorporates beautiful murals and graffiti pieces in its development plans and added numbers of visitors will provide revenue for business and local councils. All these work together to lower that initial $200 million cleaning cost significantly. Data sources estimate that the current South Australian Graffiti Control Act has resulted in the lowering of number of graffiti related offences recorded by police from 4,268 in 2010-11 to 2,437 in 2013-14. How much more can be reduced using an intuitive and innovative platform?

So next time you see a young person holding a spray can, smile a little. They might be on the Splash platform and they just might be making you some money. Although, you should probably ask just to be sure :) 


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The concept of our project is to build a whole-of-government ERP framework with a strong emphasis on an analytics and simulation engine. Every Federal govt. faces strategic challenges, such as Gender Inequality, Health, Agriculture, Crime Reform, Education Drop Outs, Infrastructure and Unemployment. These govt. challenges are cascaded to a state and local council level.

Adelography - The Story of Adelaide

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Bob's gang

ADELography is a temporal and spatial interactive story telling tool. Historical datasets help tell the story of Adelaide and South Australia from the beginning of recorded history. We step through time learning about the key events of South Australia, and see the migration of people around the surrounding area of Adelaide.

Through this interactive experience, new and existing residents can gain a deeper historical understanding of our city and thereby strengthen their sense of community and belonging.

What are you afraid of?

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Media coverage of events such as terrorist attacks or shark attacks unnecessarily inflates fear and uncertainty in our community.

We aimed to use government data and other online sources to document the probabilities of different types of risks, 
to show that we don't need to be afraid of these events, and to promote the reality that Australians actually live in a safe community.
At the same time, we also like to bring awareness of risks due to factors such as health issues, many of which are things we can proactively prevent by having a healthier lifestyle.