Datasets Used

Dataset Name Dataset URL Jurisdiction of Data Publishing Organisation/Agency Projects using Dataset
Public and Affordable Housing Demand WA Housing Authority WA Public Housing
Non-Government Organisations #careermoveau
WAPOL CAD Incidents Government of Western Australia GopherGrader
Public Housing Presence by LGA (quartile ranking) WA Housing Authority WA Public Housing
ACIM Combined Counts, Youth Justice Detention Data Health Epidemiology
The University of Auckland
Hackerspace Australian Government Govhack Hackanation
Postal Areas ASGS Non ABS Structures Ed 2011 Digital Boundaries in ESRI Shapefile Formate Non-Government Organisations ABS Mapping Sepsis
total annual rain (mm) International NIWA City Livability NZ
Australian Postcode Location Data Non-Government Organisations Corra Mapping Sepsis