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Parking in the city is a growing problem as population increased since the amount of parking remain close to constraint.

when a car driver looks for parking in the city, it causes unnecessary traffic in the city. the driver has to drive round and until a parking spot is incosiderate drive round and round until a parking spot is found. an inconsiderate driver would wait and block the follow traffic.

the longer the driver take to find spot, the more unnecessary pollution is released.


The solution is an app that find to the driver the free parking spots are in the vincinity of where the driver is going.

How it works:

User put the destination --> the application find available parking --> the user apply and pay online (with registred credit card) --> output Map, indicate free parking spots (more details)

For reserved parking Red led in the parking sensor indicate that the place is unavailable, green for free.





Reduce Polution

Saving  Time

Reduce Trafic

Prevent Frauds

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SmartParking Stays
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australian gov IP
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ACT Government
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Sydney Official