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A web application for recording, predicting, and tracking family violence

WeCare is a webapp to support people experiencing domestic and family violence to record the incidents. It is also a valuable resource for those worried that a friend or family member is experiencing domestic and family violence. WeCare use Natural Language Processing to understand the complex interaction of attitudes, situation factors, motives that underline the offender behavior that can come in many forms. In turns, this leads to developing effective strategies to prevent the violence before it escalates.

The app provides supports to encourage victims to speak out and seek for help. The following features include friend/family contacts, emergency contacts, information to access domestic and family violence. In addition, this webapp is built with security features that allow users to use it discreetly and seek for help. Moreover, it allows users to connect and share with their friends and family members, become more informed about what help are available or call emergency services quickly.


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University of Melbourne
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RCFV Specialist Family Violence Courts Services data - July 2009 to June 2014
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Royal Commission into Family Violence
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Australian Government
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As the training data of the violence of prediction
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Hack for Wyndham