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By this stage, everyone knows the game that has swept the nation - with everyone aiming to “catch em all”. Utilising both real world locations and augmented reality, there are more members of the public out and about than ever before, traveling across NSW looking for rare Pokemon.

Time2Go leverages the NSW open transport data set, allowing pokemon trainers to choose transport options which are most likely to yield items and pokemon. Don’t be that guy that is out of Pokeballs encountering a 1439 CP Charizard. Using our app for your commutes, and you’ll be sure to never run low on potions, balls, and berries when you encounter Pokemon.

Time2Go aids in solving the issue of players running low on supplies of pokeballs and other items, while also encouraging players to take public transport. With over 300 bus routes in NSW alone, it can be difficult to distinguish which bus route to take in order to resupply on either a daily commute or trip.

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Kenneth, Joseph, Panashe: UNSW
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GTFS-R data
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Transport for NSW
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New South Wales Government
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GTFS-R schedule data is used to determine bus routes, whose shapes are correlated against known pokestops across Sydney. Commute options are then shown to the user, along with information about pokestops which are close enough to be used when en-route.
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Sydney Official