Sweet Beginnings

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Just An Idea

Sweet Beginnings is inspired by a collection of photos taken by Captain Samuel Sweet in the late 1800's and digitally available online as a dataset.

Captain Sweet's photographs give a unique insight into colonial  Australia, telling stories of everyday life and recording images of the early buildings of Adelaide.

The Sweet Beginnings project pays tribute to Captain Samuel Sweet through an interactive, lifesize statue of Captain Samuel Sweet posed next to his camera. The public will be able to step up to the camera to view a short film that share's Sweet's story and many of his images alongside current images of the same locations.

The storytelling and creative capabilities of this statue are futher enhanced by a supporting website, the link of which will be displayed on the film and on a plaque on the statue. The website will include teachers resources, fun games and creative activities for children to help the stories of Sweet's colonial Australia come to life.

The principles of the Sweet Beginnings project have the potential to be applied to other statues/monuments, past and future, to help make them more accesssible and interactive, bringing the stories of the past into the future.



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19th Century Photographs by Captain Samuel Sweet
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Data SA
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The site consists of a spreadsheet individually listing 920 of Captain Samuel Sweet's photographs. Each photo is individually described and has a the URL listing we used to locate the required photos in the State Library online catalogue. From there we downloaded required images.
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National Library of Australia
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To access more of Captain Samuel Sweet's photographs Information about Captain Samuel Sweet's life
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Mount Gambier