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The Walking Hackers

In Adelaide, the government is providing free WiFi for everyone, especially in the CBD area. The Adelaide city council claims that it is the largest and most performing City WiFi network in Australia and is on par with the best in the world in terms of coverage and services offering. Although, the government claims that it is the best public wifi network, we intend to analyze the speed, the number of users and the usage patterns in order to make it even better. Through our project we will try to find the usage patterns and provide suggestions on optimization of the access point locations. We will use the open data provided by the Adelaide city council to analyze the current Wifi usage in the city. This can be done by verifying the WiFi access point information that is provided as open data by the city council under the open data initiative. We aim to analyze the various facets of this data and generate insights which can answer the key business questions that can help to optimize the network and to use this insightful information for commercial value. 

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Carnegie Mellon University
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Adelaide Free Wi-Fi
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Adelaide City Council
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Government of South Australia
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We are using this dataset to analyze the Wi-Fi usage patterns in Adelaide. The dataset contains the minimum and maximum number of customers on an hourly basis and is a daily updated dataset. The presence of latitude and longitudinal information for every access point is the key strength that we intend to use to analyze and predict usage outcomes for a diverse set of locations for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports.
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