SmartCity Dashboard

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SmartCity dashboard offers real-time monitoring of Chirstchurch's environment.

The dashboard will allow users to visualise trends and changes in the environment such as CO2 emmissions, light and sound pollution, temperature, preassure and humidity. These changes can be seen as a change in colour on a map of local Christchurch.

Currently data for the dashboard is sourced from four sensors in the central city, however the dashboard has the potential to expand as more sensors are distributed throughout Christchurch.

Hovering over each icon (representing a sensor) on the map will bring up a dialog box with details about the environment at that specific sensor.

The dashboard is a proof of concept and has huge potential to expand to become integrated with other data sources.

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University of Canterbury
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Christchurch City Council open datasets (time-limited to GovHack 2016)
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Christchurch City Council
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Local Government
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Heatmap Visualisation
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