Project Trident

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Project Trident uses a multi-pronged approach (incorporating both hardware and software solutions) that aims to:

  • improve water time safety

  • inform beachgoers of the risks associated with marine activities

  • decreases the need to engage in shark control programs such as drum lines

Project Trident recognises that the danger posed by sharks (and the public perception thereof) is a complex issue with no one individual solution.  Instead, our approach is about using a collective group of strategies and activities in order to keep beachgoers informed and make their own decisions.


Be informed - not alarmed

Used Datasets: 
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Shark Hazard API
Publishing Organisation/Agency: 
Department of Fisheries
Jurisdiction of Data: 
Government of Western Australia
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Used live event data from the API which sends an event that is captured with an AWS application. Applying risk assessment logic which is then passed to: 1) Physical infrastructure (ie the 'Trident Safety System') located at designated beaches 2) A web dashboard that relevant authorities can access and use to interact with the Trident systems. A civilian-facing version of this dashboard is also planned, allowing swimmers to view shark hazard information at their favourite beaches
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