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Picspot is an app developed by the Dataminers, and it has the form of a challenging sightseeing picture contest. Challenges are proposed to the users that, once accepted, will be given just the distance from the landmark that will be the subject of the challenge, without any hint on the route to follow in order to reach it. The user will be successful if will eventually find the landmark and take a picture of it, which will then be uploaded into the app and published on to the user's gallery, and after that a link will redirect the app to the information gathered about the landmark from Wikipedia. Users will have the possibility to connect with their friends in order to give them access to their galleries. The challenges and sharing the pictures with friends both give points to the user, that will see its gaming aera level up and grow, so that the player can reach for more dislocated position and access to more valuable challenges. The purpose of the game is to push citizens and visitors to inspect with a more curious eye the sorroundings that are full of beautiful places and history. Use only the Queensland Heritage Register it has been possible for us to locate already more than 1700 locations in the whole Queensland. This set of landmarks can be widened further with the integration of seasonal challenges and events like for halloween christmas and for historical topical moments like WW2

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QUT (Fabio), Griffith (Anis), Griffith (Amir)
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The Queensland heritage register
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Environment and Heritage Protection
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Queensland Government
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This data has been used to locate the pinpoints on the map, individuating important landmarks representing culture and history of the Queensland area
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Brisbane Official