Open Road

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Team Angus

We are going for the traffic prize and have created an application that provides you with dirrections which route around closed roads and inform your of roadworks and other protential issues with your route.

Living in a city that slowly recovering after major earthquake it is important to have ability to build your directions routes and see information about closed roads. For emergency responding services like firefighters or ambulance it is critically important to be aware of the closed routes when they on the way.

We are using the Google directions API merged along it with the Christchurch traffic api data and displaing possible routes in an android application.

Potential enhancements for this application could be ability to build routes for:

* cyclist - with information about closed roads/cycleways

* pedestrians - with information about closed walkways.

* accident hotspots

Watch our work in progress here!.


Used Datasets: 
Publishing Organisation/Agency: 
Christchurch City Council
Jurisdiction of Data: 
Local Government
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With help of this link - we have downloaded road events information. At the moment our applciation can combite data from from Christchurch City counsil with Google Navigation API. That allows us building routes for your journeys and highlight any roads that are closed on your way.
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