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NZ Heroes

The monumental project is a web app to help people find out infomation about memorials in their area.

I would hopefully give the users to find out more infomation about the memorial and to explore the people listed on them to find out who they where.

So rather than a name they have a presence, making it possible to rember them as people by letting the users know things like there age and their service records, where they served and what medials or awards they recieved and who they where with.

We managed to make a web application that people can use to find the memorials in NZ from the NZ Histories memorial register  and to see what data NZ history had collected.

We had hoped to access archives to find these peoples service records but their data is not available on line and could needed to be requested. We will send a request to see if the if this data can be released.  The lack of identification prevented from finding other infomation from nzdigital and the national library but in the future this could be made accessable.

The project source code repo is available at

And the Web Application is Live at

Used Datasets: 
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Memorials register
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Ministry for Culture and Heritage
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The data was used to present locations of the memorials and to link to relating information on NZ History.
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