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About MapHack:

MapHack uses an array of intelligent algorithms, bots and technologies to "automagially" map out the State Libraries archives on a map of Australia giving users the ability to research Australian history visially. Built from the ground up, the MapHack bots go to work by extracting archives from the State Library and mashes them with geospacial locations and then finally automatically plots them on a Map. The idea is to give users the ability to visially explore Australian history throughout time. This can be scaled up and further mashed with other datasets. 

Technologies used:

  • Mapbox GL
  • Jquery, lightbox
  • Google geocoding
  • NSW state library image archive
  • Azure for hosting
  • Powershell

Interesting findings:

After visially observing the archives by geo location it was noted that many of the archives were concentrated around Parramatta and Sydney (some of Australias oldest cities). It was also interesting to note how the Australian population has migrated and changed over time.

Where to from here:

Due to time contstraints the slider and filter were not fully functional, however the idea was to filter archives based on year, event or person. This would provide a powerful medium for users to research their family history or used for a School project etc.

Used Datasets: 
Dataset Name: 
NSW state library
Publishing Organisation/Agency: 
NSW State library
Jurisdiction of Data: 
New South Wales Government
How did you use this data in your entry?: 
The web crawler that we built uses the website's search api to query for images of various cities of Australia. Images and their respective descriptions is then extracted from the resultset. This data along with geocode information goes in to the application's UI.
Event Location: 
Sydney Official