Mantis Labs

Team Name: 
Mantis Labs

Problems Identified:

We have examined the overall problem of data security which is a growing concern globally. We have applied our focus for the GovHack event toward the Government Health sector which can be a vulnerable area of concern. Our findings lead us to the particular issue of "ransomeware" that highlights this problem to be a growing concern whereby 4000 attacks occur daily across the world in the health sector alone of which Australia would be included.

The Working Solution:

Mantis Labs have investigated several methods of encryption and storage of data. The particuar interest has been in distributed and secure storage. The existing Opensource project of Tahoe LAFS has been studied and some improvements have been made to allow for ease of use. This systems makes use of "sharding" of the data files which is what provides the storage method which is also combined with user level encryption where necessary. We have begun developement of an API and created a UI prototype to overlay this structure allowing for seamless file storage across multiple "nodes" that are setup and associated to the network.

The Demonstration:

Our demonstration provides a working UI prototype within the form of a web based application. This is used in order to demonstrate the usability of a distributed and secure data storage network whereby the user has options to "shard" (store) or "retrieve" files from the distrubuted network.

The Future: 

We wish to demonstrate this further in the future through a central node that can intergrate with technology such as the blockchain in order to continually monitor the transfer of files within the health sector.

This has applications to the upgrade of the eHealth system. A universal API would server as a way to track changes of health records in order to prevent risk to patients. The end goal would be to securley transfer sensitives files across multiple networks nationally and internationally.   

Event Location: 
Tyro Fintech Hub