It must be Ferries! ...or maybe midgets

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A major priority of my hackerspace (HSBNE, also the Brisbane Maker Node for Govhack this year) is to make our facilities available to anyone who is interested in creating cool things. Unfortunately, our location is in the centre of an old industrial area (at the beginning of a multi-year urban renewal process) which is not yet well served by public transport, which is a major impediment to many people who rely on that and want to take advantage of our facilities. The best option at present is a ferry terminal one kilometer away, and members and visitors who come to the space sometimes get stuck when they miss the last ferry of the night.

We are building a digital sign in our foyer that pulls the live ferry data from Translink, and gives a display of when each ferry is leaving the nearby stop, taking into account the extra time required to walk to it. As the stop is the last one in the network, the data does not connect the arriving ferry on the outbound route with the scheduled departure on the inbound route, so some careful manipulation of the data is required to extract accurate data for display.

Used Datasets: 
Dataset Name: 
Brisbane Ferries Monitoring API
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Brisbane City Council
Jurisdiction of Data: 
Local Government
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We are displaying the data almost directly from the API, adjusted for our location and walking distance to the appropriate stop.
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Brisbane Maker Node