Homely - Strengthening refugee communities

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We are a cool online tool to source household donations for new refugees to New Zealand. 


Homely is about strengthening refugee communities in New Zealand. It's about linking up donors with charities and refugees to improve community resilience and refugee resettlement in New Zealand.

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Whitireia, Porirua campus, New Zealand.
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Phase 1: Homely maps out the placement of refugees across New Zealand in order to create an impetus on people living in those regions to donate to charities and furnish houses that refugees are about to arrive in. We will use Charities Register Data to authenticate interested charities who wish to source donations through the Homely website. Phase 2: In the future, subject to funding, Homely will use MBIE's Occupational outlook app, Immigration NZ open source data, secure cloud software, Census NZ data and data.govt.nz data and IDI data (subject to availability...) , and Te Papa refugee heatmapping data to identify how many refugeees and migrants in what regions are transitioning to work, in which regions.
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