Health Epidemiology

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##Health Hackers


This project is about analysing the mortality rate caused due to cancer and drawing parallels with the probable reasons beyond medical reasons.

Though mortality rate is decreasing over the years in Australia, two types of cancers are following a reverse trend. They are 1. Lung Cancer 2. Pancreatic cancer.

Most of the sufferers of these cancers are identified to be heavy smokers. But is smoking tobacco alone is driving this issues...?

When we look at crime records, crimes related to Illicit drugs are rising too. In most of these cases, the drugs in possession are the ones usually mixed with cigars. Juveniles are the ones who are mostly arrested but ironically most of the cases are un-sentenced.

So in order to address the cancer mortality related to Lungs & Pancreatic a strict enforcement of Juvenile laws is required. Bring more awareness of danger of mixing drugs with Tobacco.

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ACIM Combined Counts, Youth Justice Detention Data
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