The Grid

The Grid logo (boring grid graphic and bad typography)
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Isometric representations of industry data on grids that represent the actual shape files - states and SA3 zones.

I had to first parse the Innovation SA3 data and calculate the number of tiles and their colour for each one:

Blue: Office jobs/commercial
Red: Health, education, public administration and arts
Yellow: Industry and wholesale
Black: Mining
Green: Agriculture

Working back from the point that I wanted the maximum amount of tiles to be ~300 (which is the SA3 zone Sydney Inner City and the state of NSW) I caculated each other one in relation to that - allowing you to compare zones and states.

Then I needed to create a tile matrix based on the shape files… So I busted up the larger shape files into individual ones. Then I created a point grid that covered the entire shape. I then discarded the points that fell outside the boundry. I used the fantastic Turf library from Mapbox to help with this.

Now I needed to visualise these matrices along with their proportional colours. I did that with a little React JS app and the Isomer JS library. 

Used Datasets: 
Dataset Name: 
SA3 Region Innovation Data 2009-15
Publishing Organisation/Agency: 
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
Jurisdiction of Data: 
Australian Government
Dataset Name: 
ABS Boundaries 2011
Publishing Organisation/Agency: 
Bioregional Assessment Programme
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