Gotta Bin it to Win it

Team Name: 
Govhack peeps

Gotta Bin it to Win it is an exciting android app that reminds the users of the respective day their bin is supposed to be taken out. With this app, users will never miss a bin day ever again.

Users will be asked for their address and this app determines the day their bin is due to be taken out. Users will also be able to customize the appearance of their bin inside the app as well as earn achievements for consistently taking their bins out.  

This app helps you:

  • Make a conscious effort in waste management.
  • Develop a good habit of taking your bin out.
  • Create a cleaner and healthier environment for your home.
  • Disposing your waste the right way.
  • Do your part in saving the Earth.
Team Prize Details: 
RMIT + Monash
Used Datasets: 
Dataset Name: 
Melbourne Garbage Collection Zones
Publishing Organisation/Agency: 
City of Melbourne
Jurisdiction of Data: 
Australian Government
How did you use this data in your entry?: 
The datasets were used to determine the date the bins on their respective areas are supposed to be taken out.
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