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July 30, 2016

Overview1.    Project Background and Description

The national cycle trail network consists of a series of outstanding trails spread across Aotearoa. The Great Rides are the premier rides on the New Zealand Cycle Trail. They are predominantly off-road trails that showcase the very best of New Zealand’s landscape, environment, culture and heritage.

The Great Rides are not yet joined together. This project is designed to provide for a set of low-traffic back road routes to join them into a complete network. This will allow cyclists to complete more than one route or even the entire set as one complete journey with readily available information on support necessary for long distance cyclists.

2.    Project Scope

·         To complete one or more exemplar routes joining the established Cycle Trails and make them accessible online.

·         To provide a moderated process for others to contribute the description of new gap routes, working towards a full set of gap routes

·         To provide for a future a moderated process for people to add and to update route associated information

·         To provide for a future public website for long distance cyclists and tourists

3.    Elements of government data included

The data inputs will include, but not be limited to

·       Map layer for the National Cycle Trail – including all routes

·       LINZ roading data -

·       DOC geoportal -

4.    Other data included

The data inputs will include, but not be limited to

·       Accommodation listings

·       Google maps

·       Health services

·       Supply agencies – cycle shops, supermarkets and food retail and restaurants

·       DOC campsites and huts

5.    Project Team

·       Caitlyn McMillan - Captain

·       Andrew Sewell

·       Nigel Millar


6.    Project stages

Stage 1

·       Brainstorming and subject selection – completed

·       Project scope – completed

·       Project element definition

·       Data sourcing – mapping data

·       Data sourcing supporting data items

·       Tools selection and familiarization

·       Creation of exemplar route

·       Addition of supporting data

·       Completion of map layer

·       Future specifications

·       Completion – at least one accessible map layer and future roadmap

Stage 2 - a public web site targeted a long distance cyclists and tourists

Stage 3 – moderated system to allow community updates to be created – partially complete

Stage 4 – creation of a web site to support a community of development

Progress7.    Work completed

·       Created a project plan

·       Creation of a new editable map (based on Google Maps MapMaker) with collaborative function

·       Extract of map overlays from Government National Cycle Trails Website

·       Retrieval of DOC campsite and hut data via

·       Inclusion of the extracted national cycle trail layer and DOC campsites

·       Insertion of new layers with a “Gap Cycle” route that joins the Otago Rail Trail and the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

·       Enrichment of the new route with supporting information added to the new layer

·       Establishment of a GitHub repository for the project

·       Creation of a public webpage to hold mapview

·       Creation of a graphical set of icons to map enrichment data items

·       Creation of a project logo

·       Set up a web domain

·       Redirect from domain to GitHub website whilst in development stage

Current status

Thus far there is one route established as an exemplar – Otago Rail trail joined to the Alps 2 Ocean trail via Danseys Pass. This has been enhanced with local data and the DOC campsites. Investigating LINZ road surface data to integrate on GapCycle route.

Public users can access this via

Public users can expand the map to a new tab or page in their browser

Public users who have a Google account can then login and edit the map. They can see where to add new routes, as all the national cycle trail routes are shown. They can also access the icons included to add new data such as accommodation, cycle shops, campsites etc. Their changes are personal and do not change the public version

They can save this map for their own use.

The webpage and supporting development documentation are stored in GitHub to allow for future development


The next stage would be to create a process to allow public users who have added to or enhanced the map to submit their changes for inclusion. A simple start would be to set up an email account to accept the google embedded hypertext that can be generated from their version. Then this could be manually merged.

Subsequent to this the website would have a point to allow a user to paste in either the URL for their map, the embedded hypertext or *.kml file

The site moderators would then be notified automatically of an update requiring review

Once review was completed then the changes could be added to the public map

The public webpage would be hosted with capacity to retain all versions of the map created – as *.kml files so that rollback was possible if version changes cause corruption of the public version.


Cycling is a growing contribution to NZ tourism and makes the NZ environment accessible to overseas visitors and New Zealanders. The national cycle trails are a valuable resource. This project can add further value by allowing cyclists to travel longer distances and as far as possible avoid major roads. It is accessible on any device that has internet connectivity.

By engaging many people it would be possible to rapidly add routes and deep local knowledge to complete a true informative, national network.

We look forward to further developing the concept and making a contribution to the development of the national cycling network.


Future ideas would include addition of a data layer from LINZ of the roading surfaces to indicate clearly those that are not sealed which is important for cyclists.



Used Datasets: 
Dataset Name: 
Mapping data extracted from
Publishing Organisation/Agency: 
New Zealand Cycle Trail Incorporated
Jurisdiction of Data: 
How did you use this data in your entry?: 
To create a mapping layer as a base for a public map for a crowdsourced model to add routes that join the National Cycle Trails
Dataset Name: 
DOC campsites and DOC huts
Publishing Organisation/Agency: 
NZ Department of Conservation
How did you use this data in your entry?: 
To create a klm mapping file to add to base GapCycle Map Failed due to DOC Geoportal being down
Dataset Name: 
DOC Campsites
Publishing Organisation/Agency: 
DOC mirror
Jurisdiction of Data: 
How did you use this data in your entry?: 
To create a klm mapping file to add to base GapCycle Map
Event Location: