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An informative website that provides a visualization of dog attacks per council and menacing dogs per council in New Zealand. This gives information to the people about dog attacks and where they are happening so they can influence the council to do something about dog attacks. This information can also help councils compare the occurrence of dog attacks in their area with that of other councils and review their dog control policies.

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Dog control statistics 2001 - 2016
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Department of Internal Affairs
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Local Government
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We are showing the number of new ACC claims per registered dog and number of menacing dogs per registered dog in each council in an interactive website. We would have liked to perform a more detailed analysis on the distribution of breeds across new ACC claims to support or counter the preconception of certain breeds being more menacing but this was not possible due to limitations in the data. We found a mismatch in council names between the number of menacing dogs and the number of new ACC claims as well as incomplete data regarding the number of registered dogs in certain councils for certain years. We were also constrained by the lack of granularity in location information and data on dog registration totals prior to 2013. We believe having a more complete data set would be useful in providing a more detailed analysis of dog attack incidents in New Zealand.
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