Deconstructed coffee and Design - Melbourne Hipster Index

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A walk in the park

The creative and cultural sector contributes $22.7 billion to Victoria’s economy and employs over 220,000 people. Beyond their dollar contributions, the creative industries espouse identity, foster innovation and encourage social cohesion. Melbourne stands as the heart of Victoria’s creative sectors, and the city benefits greatly from the scale and depth of our creative industries, reflected in our consistently topping international liveability indices.

But who ARE these creatives? We're thinking Hipsters - filter coffee downing, beard-toting, fixie riding free spirits, whose talent ensures the continued vibrancy of Melbourne's Creative sectors.

And there is value in identifying where these people are; where are the clusters of hipsters? Is Fitzroy more "hip" than Brunswick? Than Footscray? And if data permits.... than Sydney suburbs?

We're pulling together datasets to identify where these people are, and to make sure we're supporting their future growth! Viva la hipster!

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