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Team Name:  NewBees

Project Name:  Cross Roads


An untarnished image, presented by statistical data, proves that SA drivers toe the line when it comes to traffic discipline. Even though the number of vehicle especially cars, Utes, vans, buses, etc. registered has gone up by almost 22% as of today from the year 2010. However with increasing number of vehicles, younger riders, powerful and faster vehicles - incidents of road crashes are bound to rise.  The number of licences issued to new drivers this year has already surpassed

The Problem:

Major road junctions have been witness to increasing number of road crashes.  Persecuting, fining, imprisoning, impounding vehicles, etc., may control this to some extent.  The respect & fear of our strict law enforcers does control but only in their presence.  But the system is strained to meet the increasing number of drivers especially the younger rebellious set whose driving instincts are fuelled by the rash of violent movies and realistic gaming scenarios.  

The Solution:

Permanent digital screens at such junctions providing electronic monitoring of such hot spots as well as an automated intelligent system to curb speeding, rash driving or hoon driving and prevent – rather than cure – fatalities, injuries and property loss, resulting from irresponsible driving.

Radar activated police lights mounted on these panels. The radar installed at a fair distance from the junction, reads the speed of the approaching vehicle and if beyond the acceptable limits triggers the police lights mounted over the panel. On seeing the flashing lights, a sure fire reaction would be that the driver will slow down and regulate his/ her speed this avoiding a possible collision.

The panels also would have wide vision or 360° CCTV cameras for live feed to the control rooms for monitoring.   

Besides the police lights these panels will also sport Hazard lights which can be activated remotely from the control room, to warn motorists of road works, traffic bottlenecks, accidents, alternative routes and important community news highlights. The full colour digital panels could also be given by the regulatory authority to the local businesses to advertise their services – a direct – in the face medium rather than depending on just leaflets and newspaper inserts. This could also generate funds for the upkeep and servicing of the panels.

Add on: Real time traffic conditions, Alternate route options, Spot News – headlines – Advertisements (revenue generator)

No mobile option – as we want the drivers to look up and drive.





Datasets Used:

ARDD Fatalities June 2016

Current Drivers Licenses by Age & Sex (2016)

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Used Datasets: 
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Preview Road Crashes 2011-2015 in a map viewer
Jurisdiction of Data: 
Government of South Australia
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Ascertaining best spots for installation of the new product
Dataset Name: 
Current Drivers Licenses by Age & Sex (2016)
Jurisdiction of Data: 
Government of South Australia
How did you use this data in your entry?: 
Checking volume of new driving license holders in SA
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