A Century of Intellectual Property

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SH and the MGs

This project concentrates on interpreting and visualising IP Australia's rich data holdings to provide value to the agency and the public. 

Navigating the IP Australia systems may be daunting for applicants with limited to no experience with IP registration. We aimed to provide an intuitive tool which enables patent and trademark applicants in their choices, especially regarding choices around self-filing versus engaging an attorney.

Our analyses focus on matching applicants and applications to the outcomes of trademark and patent examination, and how factors such as agent representation & applicant type/size impact success. NICE classification, application types and geographic distribution also feature.

The interactive visualisations were built in Microsoft Power BI, published to the Power BI cloud service and embedded in a website hosted by Azure. 

Used Datasets: 
Dataset Name: 
Intellectual Property Government Open Data 2016
Publishing Organisation/Agency: 
IP Australia
Jurisdiction of Data: 
Australian Government
How did you use this data in your entry?: 
We used the majority of the 1.. and 2.. tables to track the application stats for patents and trademarks, the applicant and agent details, exam stats and NICE classifications. We built our own classifiers to reduce the grain of some statuses (such as application_status down to Accepted or Not Accepted).
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