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Do you know what decisions politicians in local and central government are making that will impact you? How do you contribute to this decision making process?

A well-informed citizenry is critical to the democratic process. But how do you know when issues that matter to you are coming up for discussion, and how do you influence them? We have created an easy to use web application that will notify you when issues that you care about are being discussed. Just visit the site and let us know what matters to you, and we’ll make sure you know about what's going on in local and national debating chambers. We’ll also provide you with additional information and links to make a submission to ensure your voice is heard.

Through the use of a technology stack that includes open data, Heroku, MongoDB, Javascript, Node, React, Redux, and external services we were able to extend the functionality of the existing API to provide customizable notifications of important issues. This makes the API more relevant and accessible to everyone. Future iterations of the product will consume open data from local government to enhance the scope, scale, and impact of citizen engagement.

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NZ Government
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