Air Bubble

Team Name: 
Team Leo and Sons

Hi, were are Team Leo and Sons and this is our project Air Bubble.


Air Bubble is a way to visualise varying differences in air quality across different locations in Tasmania.


People submit their postcode via the webapp and the area of the closest air monitoring station is shown on the map. The bubble machine then responds with a display of your air quality. More Bubbles means cleaner air and less bubbles means more particulates (less clean air).


Our team consists of Alex Lawson, Leo Febey and Shane Pemmelaar.


We formed “Team Leo and Sons” on the first day of of Govhack and started sharing ideas. Leo’s idea of Air Bubble was the most interesting and seemed achievable for our team. One of the main goals of Air Bubble was to use an interesting visual mechanic to convert scientific gibberish into something tangible and easily understandable.


The construction of the Bubble Machine was one of the most time consuming elements of the project. The main body is composed of perspex and acrylic. The Bubble Wheel was designed and modeled in a program called Open SCAD. It was then cut using a CNC machine into a piece of perspex. A Raspberry PI is used to command a motor controller which runs a simple fan. The main construction of the bubble machine took place at the Hobart Hacker Space. ​​​​​​​

Used Datasets: 
Dataset Name: 
Base Line Air Network of EPA Tasmania (BLANkET)
Publishing Organisation/Agency: 
Department of State Growth (Tasmania)
Jurisdiction of Data: 
Local Government
How did you use this data in your entry?: 
Our webapp grabs the data from a certain monitoring station and uses it to instruct a bubble machine to produce more or less bubbles depending on the quality of the air last recorded at that station. The dataset is refreshed every 10 minutes providing our webapp with live data.
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