3D Printed tactile map of Melbourne CBD tram stops for visually-impaired commuters.

Team Name: 
Petrified Data

A tactile map for blind and visually impaired travellers. This map shows the Melbourne CBD, with tram stops overlaid from PTV's data. Tram stops are spikes that protrude above the level of the surrounding buildings to make them easier to feel. The map has a notch on the north-east corner to help orient it correctly.

Team Prize Details: 
Conor O'Kane - RMIT University, Alastair Tait - Monash.
Used Datasets: 
Dataset Name: 
Public Transport Victoria's Tram network
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Jurisdiction of Data: 
Victorian Government
How did you use this data in your entry?: 
Overlaid the Tram stop location data data on publicly available map model from the Open Street Map project.
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Melbourne Mapspace